video4fuze Package Added for Slackware 13.37

I have a Sansa Fuze v2 digital audio player that I bought a few years back for peanuts. It’s been a great little device for listening to my music while on the go, and it doesn’t lock me in to vendor-specific applications for managing my music collection like some other players on the market. The Fuze also supports video playback, but I’ve never been much interested in that feature. For one thing, the screen is tiny. I prefer watching high quality video encodes on my TV or computer screen. However, it may be handy to be able to watch videos on the Fuze from time to time.

This is where the problems start. While managing music is as simple as copying files to the device (which shows up as a USB mass storage device), it has fairly draconian limitations on video playback. Sansa has a windows-only application called Sansa Media Converter which takes videos of varying formats as inputs and converts them to a format playable on the Fuze. Fortunately some enterprising people have determined exactly what is needed for videos to comply with the restrictions and have come up with solutions that work for non-Windows users (or Windows users who don’t want to use Sansa’s application).

Two new packages have been added: video4fuze is the front end to all of the pieces needed to transcode videos and fuzemux is a utility to convert AVI files to the proper format. (video4fuze uses fuzemux.)

These can be download from the packages website, or the build scripts can be downloaded from the SVN repo.

Jun 4th, 2011 | Posted in Linux, Slackware
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