Added a Few Tools to Slackware 13.1 for Cross-Development

I’m looking to get a toolchain setup on my computer(s) for development of software for a few embedded development boards. In preparation for that I have added the following packages for Slackware64-13.1:

crosstool-ng: A script inspired by the Linux kernel ‘make menuconfig’ interface aimed at simplifying the task of building a cross-development toolchain.

openocd: The Open On-Chip Debugger. Provides debugging and programming access to certain processors through JTAG.

libftdi: A library that provides access to FTDI USB devices which are often found on embedded development boards. Needed for openocd.

The binary packages for Slackware64-13.1 can be found on the packages website. Access to the build scripts is available through the SVN repository.

Mar 12th, 2011 | Posted in Linux, Slackware
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