New XBMC 10.0 Package For Slackware 13.1

For the past few years I’ve been using MythTV on the home theater PC in the living room. However, there have been enough little annoyances with it that I decided to take another look at alternatives. I don’t want to give the wrong impression about MythTV. It has served me well for quite a while now. Any problems I had with it were mostly small; the suite of software itself works quite well. But seeing as how I don’t use the PVR functions, and it serves as only a media center application for my music, movies, and television shows archived on my file server, I figured a dedicated media center program may better suit my needs. Enter XBMC.

XBMC is a polished product. I’ve tried it in the past and dismissed it for some reason or another. I do not know if the situation changed drastically with the release of 10.0, or if I just never gave it a fair shake before now. XBMC has been installed on my HTPC for the past several days and I’ve been very happy with it. The software is basically ready to run out of the box with little configuration needed outside of telling it where to find my media. My remote control with a USB IR dongle even worked out of the box. Additionally, there is plenty of tweaking that can be done under the hood desired or need be. This approach gives the best of both worlds: a product that Just Works as well as a product with plenty of knobs the end user can turn.

A binary package of XBMC 10.0 is now available for Slackware64 13.1. Three new dependencies were also required, so packages for those can be found here as well.


Dec 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Linux, Slackware
  1. Feb 3rd, 2011 at 20:20 | #1

    is there any way that you would make a 32bit build THANK YOU!

  2. Feb 6th, 2011 at 11:39 | #2


    At the moment I only build for the architecture I use. Currently that is x86_64. In the future I may provide builds for both x86 and x86_64, but I haven’t put much effort in to that.

    In the meantime you can download my build scripts necessary to build XBMC and all of its dependencies. They are available from my Subversion repository at

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