DOSEMU Package for Slackware 13.0

I have an old device programmer that communicates through a parallel port. Recently I’ve had a need to use this to burn EEPROMs, but the software is for DOS. Not having owned a computer running Windows in the past ten years or so, my choices were to dig up installation media for DOS or old Windows versions, or to use some sort of emulation/virtualization within Linux.

I was having a heck of a time getting the programmer to work in Linux. More correctly, I was having a hard time getting a parallel port to correctly work through any of the methods I used. I tried QEMU, Wine, VirtualBox, DOSBox, and probably a few others. Doubtless some of those tools allow direct hardware access to parallel ports but I wasn’t having any luck. Most of the time I would find information on how to emulate printer functionality in such a way that the emulator would “print” the data to a file so it could later be printed from within Linux. Unacceptable. Finally I decided to try DOSEMU.

After struggling with out of date documentation and examples found online, I found the combination of settings that allowed direct hardware access to the parallel ports. Voila! My device programmer was working within Linux by way of DOSEMU. If anyone is interested, my writeup for getting the device programmer working can be found in this post.

So here is a Slackware 13.0 package for DOSEMU 1.4.0 (including the version patch):


May 7th, 2010 | Posted in Linux, Slackware
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